Northland New Zealand Floods

We awake to a lake at our doorstep!


Two and half years we have lived on our farm in the far north of New Zealand. And yes everybody in New Zealand knows if they have been watching the news over the last couple of months knows over the last few months our province has been in a severe drought. Well I believe that is now well and truly broken with more heavy rain forecast which we personally would be very happy for it to stay away.

We have had enough. I know Auckland is saying the same. When will the weather gods get it right one must wonder. It is still summer. A drought we expect may happen, but massive slips and floods. Road closures and on it goes.

How was our little house affected? Not bad like others but enough to make my beautiful wife run around in a panic 2am in the morning rescuing young chickens whose area was slowly being flooded. Now anybody that knows Xiaoli will appreciate this and relate to it. Where did 30+ chickens sopping wet end up? On our lounge floor in boxes.

Our dogs 2 of which regularly frequent our bed. Great for the love life I can tell you sharing a bed with 2 dogs and a wife. Started with a queen bed but now in to a king. After the last 2 nights 1 of us will need sleep next door as now we have all 4 fighting for space on our bed.

Want sex with the wife, forget it. Haha

This morning I was meant to be at our beach property for guests 8am. The new lake right across the driveway. Ducks and geese in heaven frolicking in the new lake. I looked at our new tour vehicle and I looked at that lake and though just no way I driving you through it not knowing the depth. So I told Xiaoli wechat the guests and say we are stuck. Check them selves out. Or take a 4wd up through the paddocks. Na, stay in bed, let the guests check themselves out.

Rain has stopped. Time to chuck the dogs out on the deck. Forget the romance, time to finally sleep!

NB Photo taken when waters substanially subsided



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