Do we need agents?

Would you want to be an agent for us?


If you read our blogs or look at our timeline on facebook, its no secret we do private/exclusive tours around New Zealand. We do offer one packaged tour of the Northland Province in our off season mainly to ensure our vehicles are earning their keep plus boredom for me doesn’t set in.

When one get bored with not much to do then one achieves absolutely nothing. The more you slow down the worse it becomes in that the days just pass with nothing achieved. I hate looking back and wondering what I did all day. A day lost is lost forever. You can never get it back and start it again. So better for me to work than be bored. And for me showing people our beautiful country is not true work. Its pleasure.

But back to people wanting to be agents for us. My first question to people that ask is do you really know Peter and Xiaoli Tours? Who we are and what we offer? A large percentage say no not really. Then why do you want to be my agent if you don’t know what we do? Then a number that do actually know us for our Ninety Mile Beach business yet in the realm of things now that is less than 50% of what we do.

Reality is most have no idea about our tour business and how we operate. My reaction to that is why ask to be our agent if you have no idea who we are. We don’t hide who we are. Its written up in blogs various places which seem to be read by thousands. The only social media we use is Facebook and all our blogs are there and numerous photos. Its pretty obvious what we do.

We welcome anyone that wants to work with us if you think you can genuinely source business with margins that we both win. Or put together your own group and build in a free holiday for yourself bringing that group to us. You don’t need a piece of paper to say you are an agent of ours. Maybe if we offered packaged tours, but largely our tours are individually planned for each group travelling with us.

So talk to us if you think you can bring us business. We have no intention of becoming a large company. We like our small boutique/family feel. If that fits with you, then talk to us.

PS The photograph I was behind the camera as is often the case. Xiaoli in the green to busy on her phone to look at me. Typical! The rest a mixed group we took around the South Island 2016. A rare trip for Xiaoli with me


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