An Auckland return 10 hour driving time trip!!!!

Tomorrow, a trip to Auckland – how I hate cities!


For over 10 years now I have lived very remote hidden away in the top echelon of New Zealand. And very happy with Xiaoli leading what some would call a reclusive lifestyle. A lifestyle that neither of us would change for city life.

I worked in Auckland for over 35 years. Had some great work experiences reaching what I termed the top in my profession within advertising agencies. But never did I love the Auckland lifestyle. Just business dictated that is where I should be.

Then the brave move and some possibly still do say the idiotic move came about. A move 4.5 hours north to Ninety Mile Beach. Very few houses around. Peace and quiet.

I know some couldn’t hack it but if you can survive the first few years then most, not all, will never go back to that city way of life.

Tomorrow it’s a trip to help a very good friend and my son who works for him. They need my past expertise which I am happy to share with them. And Xiaoli will take the opportunity to sell some of her hens, ducks, geese etc to her Chinese friends on lifestyle blocks around Auckland. It makes Xiaoli happy and her friends love the live stock we bring them. Everybody happy makes me happy. Haha

We will get the signage put on our new tour vehicle. Could have done it up in the far north but price was better in Auckland plus we are supporting friends which is good.

My poor dog going to be sad seeing me drive off without her tomorrow as she normally comes for the ride to. But tomorrow just too busy to have to worry about her to so she can stay back with the other 3.

I have almost 3,000 friends on facebook now yet cannot seem to get any to join us on a tour or take advantage when we offer reduced rates. I am not doing something right obviously or is it just bad timing?

Does it matter, no not really. We get our business through other means just I hoped my many blogs may turn into a little business either on tours or maybe helping promote our tours.

Early night tonight. A long day and lots of driving tomorrow. I am just not a city lover. I dread the city part of these trips20170226_133245[1]

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