Come see our views


Isn’t that a spectacular view?

Ninety Mile Beach New Zealand looking directly out our front window at our holiday accommodation this morning.

Wouldn’t you like to wake up to that view? Well you can. You can book the accommodation only or join with a group on one of our 3/4 day Northland tours. Do a Northland tour with Peter and Xiaoli Tours and where possible we try incorporate our own beach front accommodation. In our view superior because of location than anything else up here and not bad in comfort also.

I should have had a fishing rod out there this morning. The Snapper are just in behind those waves so if you cast 100 metres plus in the right spot, there is a fea chance you will catch a good size Snapper. Ninety Mile Beach Snapper have a tendency to be a lot larger than you see in a shop.

Come join us at Ninety Mile Beach. Enjoy the beach or just go fishing. Maybe take a beach bus tour. There are heaps of things to do up here

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