Spectacular Northland New Zealand


Accommodation booked out!


This weekend our accommodation is booked out. And given its May now that makes us pretty happy. Once April school holidays finish the far north tourism tends to drop in numbers and that is a pity. A pity for tourism operators but more so for tourists who are still coming to New Zealand but ignore Northland.

If you want beautiful beaches, to me the best in New Zealand other than the odd other scattered here and there, then you need visit Northland. If you want to see the giant Kauri trees which believe me, are very worth seeing then you want Northland. Not just for the ones still growing with the largest Tane Mahuta being somewhere between 1200 and 2500 years old, but also to see the swamp Kauri somewhere between 45,000 and 102,000 years old.

View the beautiful gum that prospectors in the 18th century came in their droves to search for.

Then we have the dolphin trips Bay of Islands and the Hole in the Rock trip. I always joke to my beach tourists we have a better hole in the rock off the top end of Ninety Mile Beach.

Salt water fishing which if you are an angler you need come try. Xiaoli and I love our fishing. In our case we target Snapper but dependent on season the far north offers everything from the Snapper up to the Marlin. Or the Chinese visitors love their reef fish. No issue, they are here.

If you are a reader of my blogs you know Peter and Xiaoli Tours does 3 day plus tours of Northland. We have the standard tour which includes the hole in the rock/dolphin cruise, Ninety Mile Beach tour and the Kauri’s. But we can change the activities to fishing.

We tour New Zealand often, but always cherish when we get the chance to show people Northland. Those that have not visited don’t know what you are missing. It’s a stunning part of New Zealand. A lot refer to it as the winterless north, but not sure I buy into that but it certainly is warmer than most other places.

Tomorrow I believe our guests in our accommodation are on the beach bus. I know Sunday I am taking some fishing not something I often do personally as I never have the spare time, but now its quieter. I just need be careful I don’t out fish them. Its called diplomacy. Haha

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