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Just a reminder as it seems some are unaware, our websites ‘fishfarnorth’ and ‘fishfarnorthtours’ no longer exist.

An 18 month transition from FISH FAR NORTH branding to “Peter and Xiaoli Tours (and accommodation)’  was completed this week when we cancelled the 2 original websites. is now well established it seems and attracting may hits from New Zealand and Asia in particular but also other parts of the world. Finally through stats we are able to see not only country of origin but whether it was through another link.

The saving by doing this is substantial as are no longer dependent on other people to do amendments as required on our website and for me as a marketer with a couple of clicks I can see accurately how the website is performing.

I will keep adding to the website over time with links in particular for suggested tour routes you can do with us. But in the main we will keep the site short and succinct in what it says with many of our beautiful photographs from the many tours we have done.

We are now actively seeking agents to work with us to further build Peter and Xiaoli Tours. So if you are in the job of selling New Zealand travel to people in your homeland, then talk to us. An email as a start costs nothing other than a little time

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