I want my blogs to bring business, but fail?

How does one get a blog to convert to business?


I have without looking exact numbers, 3,500 Facebook friends. I have numerous followers on Instagram. WordPress and google readers follow me and post likes. But virtually nothing I do brings business enquiries.

By profession I am a marketer and before I retired from big business aged 54 I was considered very good at what I did. I never chased potential clients, they chased me to work with them. But alas big business comes with high stress levels so I got out.

Have I lost my talents I used to have? Or have I not maybe kept up with trends and what the winning formulas now are? I just don’t know.

Xiaoli and I started a homestay in 2009 then known as Fish Far North. That grew substantially into units plus tours and we rebranded ‘Peter and Xiaoli Tours (& Accommodation)’.  We were very successful, still are I guess but we seem to have peaked yet have spare capacity, albeit not peak seasons. Why can I not find the formula that helps me fill the gaps in our calendar?

I have tried a lot of different blog styles. I know key to a successful blog is a good photograph and I have no shortage of those.

Maybe blogs are not the way to go but then why is social media so popular. Why do I have about 3,500 facebook friends. I don’t ask for them, they come to me.

Are all my new so called friends just the wrong people when it comes to growing our business? I know a number are but I am fine with that as I know I entertain them if that’s the right word with knowledge. Knowledge of my travels in New Zealand. I know a number are in awe of what my country offers. But that’s not business for me.

What is the answer? I don’t know, well I do know but don’t know how to reach my target market. We are a very small player in a very big ocean. We have a boutique travel business, a very good boutique travel business, but if a major player wanted to work with us they could drown us.

Are you in travel? Is New Zealand your market place, then talk to me. Let me learn how I could work with you.

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