If I was a car I would now be in the wrecking yard!

If I was a car, I would be in the wrecking yard!
My doctor tells me my motor is 100% perfect, in fact in his own words an exceptionally healthy operating system. But, and yes there is a but, the body is not holding up so well as the mechanics.
Given that statement, if I was a car my mechanical workings would fetch high money (not all bits – haha) but the supporting body just fit for the wreckers yard. Bugger. Thank goodness I am not a car.
To walk the dogs I now sometimes use a walking stick and if dogs could talk I am sure I would hear them say hurry up. You are going to slow.
My feet hurt. The anti inflamatories are great at the time but what they really do is allow you to further aggravate the issue at a later date. It’s a bit like filling a car body with bog and not actually doing the repair. Just hiding it.
I need when on tour to be able to walk up to 5km a day if it’s a nature tour. But those 5km are starting to test me.
In my younger days I ran regular half marathons. Never did run a full marathon. I played senior rugby until I was injured so bad the specialist recommended no more. I played inter club table tennis twice a week and I swum 100 lengths of a 50 metre pool daily. In hindsight probably the only real good exercise out of all those was the swimming. So now the body pays.
Isnt life great growing older. The head still says lets play, the body refuses to cooperate. But saying all that I can still beat most younger people to climb the giant Te Paki Sand dunes. Just need 10 x the amount of rest after and pay the consequences for the next 3 or 4 days.
I have a determination to live to 100 and never have to use a walking frame. Will I achieve that?


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