Do I go China or not?


I hate long haul flying


Long haul flights I hate with a vengeance but most routes out of New Zealand like it or not are long haul. I guess a downside to living in a country many believe to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world. And whom am I to argue with that as I am a tour guide by choice because I love showing people my country.


But those long haul flights. How I detest them.


My boss (Xiaoli the wife) would love me to go to China this year as would her family. But 11 hours to Guangzhou just to far. Hours in the airport prior and who is forgetting the 5 hour drive just to get Auckland International Airport. My past trips to China to where I need go take between 26 to 32 hours from the time I leave home. That of course dictated by time between flights in China.


I get there tired. I wont own up to being grumpy. Haha. The body plays up and normally wont get back to normal until I am back home. And that doesn’t make life for me in China easy. Yet China I absolutely love. I prefer areas that don’t have to many tourists and I love seeing the old China.


My in laws are great people. The 2 brothers and sister really don’t have much English but we always make do. And as for my adorable mother in law, I go on long walks with her early morning before others get up. She talks non stop to me and to this day I have no idea what she says. She is pretty happy about whatever it is. And she loves telling people I am her son in law. I don’t actually know that’s what she is saying, but guessing that’s whats she says.


5 years since my last trip. It is a long gap but for a few years I did have some pretty serious health issues that prevented flying but now through that other than some nasty rare ongoing side effects.


So do I go or not? A question I need answer. Cant say it’s the money as I have enough airpoints saved up to go several times. Bugger.


And yes if I go I do have potential business clients who would love to see me in person and possibly could be the difference about just talking about business on going or actually making it happen.


A dilemma. What do I do? The mind says stay home but the heart says you should go


(The photo – my mum in law. Isnt she just gorgeous)

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