I didnt win lotto so no new boat


I didnt win lotto but I still went to the show


The Auckland Boat Show was on this week and being a mad keen fisherman I decided I should go. I had hoped to win the $20 million in lotto on the Wednesday night but it appears the lotto organisers made a mistake as they awarded it to someone else. Not happy about that as that dashed my hopes of a new boat. I guess my existing boat will just need do.


I did buy a beautiful Penn fishing reel. It was on my wish list if the price was right at the show. Xiaoli already has the same reel as does a good mate and they land big Snappers so I figured the same option buy the same. Good gear does not come cheap but given where we fish and the weight/size of fish we land then the investment is worth it. Nothing worse than gear failing when you have that big fish hooked up.


My old reel, my Finor still works beautifully and has caught many fish but that can now be semi retired to do boat fishing only. It deserves a bit of a rest as it has for over 5 years now performed faultlessly.


The boats, oh to have won the lotto. Instead of towing a 4 metre boat for a mate home I should have been towing a 7 metre boat for myself. But I guess it will just need wait until the lotto organisers correct their draw system so my number comes out first.


I am getting a cost of shipping a 6 metre alloy boat from China. Hoping the landed cost may be comparable to the sale cost for my current boat given I can buy at mates rates. So now waiting. A good boat by all appearances built for the open sea and running a Mercury Motor so no issues with servicing here.


A longer boat means on some tours we could tow so I can take 4 or 5 fishing at different locations. That would be novel and unique to Peter and Xiaoli Tours. I am always looking for that point of difference



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