China and Malaysia Travel Companies, we are coming your way


Tour people China and Malaysia, I am coming your way


Late August it looks like I will head Guangxi in China, at this stage via Shanghai. I just need book the ticket to confirm that. Then from Guangxi where I will spend about a week I will fly back to New Zealand via Kuala Lumpur. A night or so over there.


Now its no secret, we are a boutique New Zealand tour company and our number one customers are Chinese followed by Malaysians. We would like to talk to you about seeing if we can work together. So if you are in the travel business sending people to New Zealand, then message or email me.


Tickets are not booked yet but plans are falling in place. So if you are located Shanghai, Guangxi or Kuala Lumpur and think it worth meeting then contact me.


Xiaoli will also be Guangxi, for longer than me. And to be honest she is better looking than me plus speaks Cantonese and Mandarin.  So if I cant meet with you, Xiaoli can.  I will only have a week China. As I said almost definitely land Shanghai then the internal flight to Nanning. But as airfares wont be booked for a week I can to a certain degree adjust to allow business meetings.


Check our website out. We are not a large tour company and have no intention of being. If you think we could play a part in satisfying some of your customer needs, then a meeting could be what we need


Love to hear from you


Peter (& Xiaoli)

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