Our farm park slowly coming together


Time at home base is a luxury for me as a tour guide. Xiaoli and I have this dream of one day having our own farm park. But its a dream in the distance but we never let it die away.

Our feathered friends have always been early on the scene and this week we added 4 Golden Pheasants. 2 males and 2 females currently sharing an aviary with some of our other birds. Given time I will construct each pair their own area.

A tour guides life is never dole. When no doing tours around New Zealand I seem to be full on planning the future. We both have dreams and in the last few days I documented them so we can prioritise and never lose sight of the road ahead.

The farm park is one of our further away dreams but it is slowly taking shape. But I cannot see if being opened to the public in the near future.

For us, our future is to build the tour business into a larger family business. Our children are grown up and our dream is one day we have a business they may wish to join us in. I dont think the maturity is there in our children yet to bring into the business. They need experience what the world offers and find their own direction. They must have the opportunity to find their own dreams as we have. Hopefully their dream may be joining with us, if not I guess we need rely on staff. and our own abilities

Children I believe must be allowed to find their own feet so to speak.



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