We couldn’t find the pot of gold!


People miss me when I don’t blog.


Its only over a week since I blogged but apparently readers miss me. That puts the guilt trip on me to write again.

The reason for no blog is purely work pressure and feeling a little exhausted.

Earlier in the week has been full on costing tour packages following contact by several overseas companies interested in being an agent for Peter and Xiaoli Tours. So all my marketing efforts the quiet season may be paying off. But now progressed past getting the name out there to requests for tour agendas and estimated pricing. Looking highly likely a trip to Singapore and Malaysia I on the agenda to cement the business which means also head up to China for meetings there plus catch up on Xiaoli’s family. Not sure I look forward to long haul travel but I may not be able to avoid it.

Also on the positive currently day 2 of a 3 day tour with 11 lovely people. An easy tour for a guide as being a Northland tour I get day 2 off why they go on the beach bus. So fired the boat up and down the harbour we went. Not an overly successful days fishing but enough to bring back so we could donate some to our guests for their dinner and enough for my dinner.

Yesterday’s drive up with the 11 I broke a windscreen. Stone from a passing car. The second broken windscreen in a fortnight. The insurance company not going to be happy.  But 70,000 o 80,000 km a year and one must accept the odd windscreen break, I guess. Haha

Tomorrow back to Auckland with the group then the 5 hour drive home again. The body especially after being out on the boat and pulling that anchor up a few times is starting to feel a bit tired and battered. One of these days I guess I will admit I am aging but not ready to do that yet.

I forgot we saw a double rainbow today when out with the 2 boats. In both cases the total rainbow arch. The cell camera obviously didn’t capture it the way I would have liked. And even worse, we couldn’t find the pot of gold at the end.


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