Another tour over


Another tour over


Yesterday over 10 hours driving with a number of stops as we headed back from Ninety Mile Beach to Auckland. A very happy group of 11 sitting behind me. I love happy tourists.


They had feasted on fish we donated them for their dinner. They loved the Harrison Beach Bus Tour.


On the way I gave them a history lesson. Sometimes I find it surprising how few actually know where the first capital of New Zealand was. But all 11 do now. Some a bit surprised but now know.


Stopped at the Whangarei Falls on the way back. We couldn’t stop there as intended on the way up to the beach. A little issue with rain and heavy flooding. Fortunately that rain abated for the rest of their tour.


Today first chore was help Xiaoli find the 17 missing geese not seen since Friday. It took us quite a bit of time. Phone calls to neighbours but most are now back in their pen. Not sure what we do over coming days but that is the first time in 9 months they hadn’t come back at the end of the day.


Now its evening and I must follow up on marketing efforts to the Asian countries I have been targeting. The chance of a Singapore and Malaysia trip on the cards I coming months. I guess I may need cure my fear of long haul flying because if I go that far then I need to go see family in Guangxi

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