A big day today marketing


A day marketing our tours
Getting colder in the winterless far north of New Zealand. Or have I after 10 years living here acclimatised so I feel it more. Or maybe just own up to it, I am getting older.
The Guinea Fowl I bought back a trip or so ago have settled well it appears. Interesting to see them almost jump vertically and land on top of the sheds. Supposedly that’s what they do when the Hawks come in, go straight up at them. Looking forward to seeing that.
Monday night on the drive home from Auckland I picked up 12 Budgies. Now in one of the aviaries adding noise and movement and beautiful colors.
Todays agenda was take the 4wd for a WOF. After 2 years doing beach tours its coming the time we expect it to sometimes maybe fail. But no, it passed once again. So another year WOF but for us I believe we will move it on before then. The corrosion the beach causes by then will be starting to take hold despite our high pressure cleaning, adding a special protection treatment etc underneath. Friday or is it Saturday, the next 4wd tour is booked. 4 from China I believe in fact last I heard it maybe a couple more in which case both our 4wd’s will be up Ninety Mile Beach.
Must plan the guests lunches. Normally this time of year its chicken pieces cooked in ginger, garlic and all yummy things I serve hot at Tapotupotu Bay. Accompanied by rice and maybe some veges. The bus drivers love it when we do 4wd tours as they clean up the food leftovers as all they carry is basic dry buns, cheese etc.
The major part of the day sending many emails to contacts in China, Malaysia and Singapore with our tour agendas and wholesale costs. A time consuming exercise but a rewarding one. Some very positive responses so far from China and Singapore agents. Happy with our routes which are different to most packaged tours and I assume happy with the costs we have given them. Always rewarding when I see a spike on our website stats which I know I caused
NB The photos, some of our new bird friends plus the sunset just now

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