A 4wd tour Ninety Mile Beach New Zealand


Todays 4wd tour up Ninety Mile Beach to Cape Reinga


Four guests from Shenzhen China. Lovely people. The day was beautiful albeit a little chilly when exposed to the westerly wind.


We took the beach route from our base exiting at Hukatere through the forest. The tide was still well in making the sand extremely soft and hard going for the 4wd. A couple of seals resting up at the high tide mark.


The forest route we got up and close to some of the famed wild horses of the far north before heading on to Rarawa Beach on the East coast and the beautiful silica sand. Tied was out far enough for us to get the 4wd on to the beach. No wind so absolutely gorgeous.


On to Cape Reinga and the light house. An hour stop why the 4 took many photos. Li Li (the dog) and I stayed with the 4wd.


No Tapotupotu Bay this tour as the guests wanted to get to Ninety Mile Beach. No sand dune stop but a good flow of water through Te Paki Stream making for a great experience for my tour group.


Down the beach to meet with my lovely Xiaoli who was fishing the beach with another of the tour party that had opted for beach fishing over the Cape Reinga tour. They had nothing to show for their endeavors so back down the beach to our base at Waipapakauri Ramp.


Another tour over. Our group have headed back to Auckland having had 2 nights up here. For us we are locked away at the farm in front of the heaters. Even our dogs must be feeling the chill as they enjoy the heater.


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