A kiwi fishing/tour experience


A fishing tour – Should we or should we not plan one


Its no secret, Xiaoli and I are both passionate about fishing. Not sure which of us is more addicted to it.


We have been asked many times to take people fishing. In days by gone I used to often if I wasn’t busy but in more recent years I went off taking people fishing. Its my hobby and I am just not into having to bait peoples hooks then take the fish off when we catch them. So when I bought my current boat I bought it just for me and Xiaoli. And I love it. Don’t get to take it out often but when I do I thoroughly enjoy drifting out there on the ocean and pulling up the Snapper when they bite.


Today we borrowed a friends boat. Smaller than ours and therefore easier to launch and retrieve. A great fishing boat and given its winter we did okay today. But the reason I borrowed it was so we could discuss whether in fact we design a fishing tour mixed with New Zealand’s beautiful scenery. Tow a boat behind the 12 seater and not necessarily every day, but take some of the guests out to catch the dinner.


Just target the in shore fish or even the lake fish. But just add a bit of kiwi adventure to the tour.


The friends boat today would allow the concept to happen. And its light and easy to tow which in turn makes it easy to launch and retrieve.


But imagine a tour where we have a bit of that kiwi magic. Maybe a bbq on the beach afterwards. A completely different concept to a tour and as far as I know, nobody offers.




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