Peterand Xiaoli Tours – helping the orphaned


We take in the orphaned


Spring it seems has come exceptionally early this year given June is only the first month of winter in New Zealand.


Each year we help out Bird Rescue in Auckland by taking in orphaned wild ducklings, pigeons, and whatever they think we can cope with. Last year I believe we raised about 300 ducklings which were slowly released into the wild.


Well as I said spring has come early and Thursday Bird Rescue phoned and said can we help. Every 1 we take from them means 1 more they can take in. Without us they used to rescue about 700 per year. With our help they can now rescue over 1,000 a year. And I suspect this year pressure will be put on us to take more.


Yes it costs and one could say but they are just a common wild duck. The cost doesn’t matter and I don’t care common or not, they deserve a chance in this world since their mothers went to the effort of sitting on eggs for about 28 days to bring them into this life.


One would hope by us bringing them 350km north to the very far north of New Zealand they also have a better chance of a long healthy life away from city traffic etc.


So yesterday we bring home 23 beautiful ducklings. The start of what is obviously going to be a long winter/spring and summer of many orphaned ducklings wandering our farm until they are ready to fly off.


Pigeons I hope are further away and waiting to warmer weather to have their off spring.

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