Free South Island tour if you sell my beach front property


The house that friends and visitors are staggered that no one has bought!


Reality is not one potential buyer has stepped into the property let alone visited it.


We invited many but only 2 agents took up the challenge of selling it. Once was and still is a very close friend and he owns up to the fact for him its in the too hard basket. He specialises in East Auckland properties and ours almost 5 hours away is just not his cup of tea.


The second agent had stayed at the property and was blown away by it and asked us if he could have a 3 month exclusive. We told him after some slick words and his brimming confidence we would give him 3 months. Not an exclusive but we agreed for the 3 months it would not be marketed anywhere else.


This agent tried but again I suspect it just became the too hard basket plus change in immigration rules did not help. I think it was right to give him the 3 months.


Why do we want to sell beach front luxury that has a business with 6 figures attached. Ideally we don’t want to sell but we don’t have the time to run that business. And we have big plans to further grow our tour business. Plans that are starting to take shape and bring rewards.


So one of our many real estate agents friends on facebook and other places come visit us beach front Ninety Mile Beach New Zealand. See what our property offers. While here take the day trip on the Ninety Mile Beach bus or one of our 4wd tours. Be blown away by the far north of New Zealand. Then go find us a buyer.


You find a buyer at a price we agree and I will give you or your buyer a free 7 day South Island tour with Peter and Xiaoli Tours at a time and date we mutually agree. I will drive you. I will guide you and I will pay your accommodation (4 star). All you need do is sell my property Ninety Mile Beach.

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