Should I retire once again!


I think I am going to retire yet again.


I retired first when I was 54. Headed to the very far north of New Zealand to go fishing. And I did lots of that. But I always knew the funds would run out plus I hadn’t factored in meeting my wife to be, Xiaoli. And it’s a fact 2 cannot live as cheap as one so I needed work again. But only enough to keep us okay financially. My ambitions of being wealthy well gone when I realised money does not buy happiness. At that time I got rid of my beautiful Jaguar Car and other luxuries and never wished to own them again.


Now 12 years on as I try to further build Peter and Xiaoli Tours I start questioning myself why am I working big hours again. Mentally I have decided in another 4 years I will retire once and for all. We don’t need the money so why do I need do it. But I know why. Its so Xiaoli’s son has a business he can become involved in which he says he is keen to do. Cant see my son interested.


I have established good contacts in various countries now. The debate in my head is do I go see them or just hope we will win there business anyway. Xiaoli admits even the Chinese ones are out of her league so either I do or we sit and wait and hope.


Some people thrive on the international travel. I hate it. The part I hate is the long haul flights. Sitting in airports then cramped in plane seats not designed for people my height. Being in other countries I love experiencing different cultures. But getting there I hate.


Which gets back to where I started, just maybe its time to retire again. A consultants wants my CV. I have been successfully self employed over 25 years. So its well over that since I did a CV. Do I need tour business that bad I need spend time doing CV’s. I don’t think so.

Peter and Xiaoli Tours does very well without consultants also giving us tours. So I guess the question I must ask myself, do I need build the business? I know the answer. The answer is simple, I have a heart, I worry how my step son will get ahead in New Zealand if I do not help. So build Peter and Xiaoli Tours I must do because my old heart says I should. So long haul travel, maybe I need embrace. Bugger

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