New Zealand dot com and its importance to Peter and Xiaoli Tours

busn card

Earlier this year as all that bother to read my blogs know I changed websites. An 18 month transition which saw 2 previous websites disappear to be replaced by . A decision I am so happy I made.
Hits on the website are substantially less than our old Fish Far North main website but thanks to the analytical data that I can now access, the quality of the hits is far superior. Data says that as does effect to our business.
Now I am able to pinpoint the location the hit came from, the link if a link was involved, and which pages they viewed. From my advertising days I loves stats. I feed on them. They give me a buzz.
I write an article as I do for various places I can monitor the response. I do a marketing drive to a particular country I can see the number of website hits and how many pages.
Its interesting to see tour routes people view and I now know I need add more. I am working on that.
I started in my heading with New . The New Zealand tourism website. I am surprised how many hits we get from our links there. A website I always under rated but now I can track the hits, where they are from and which pages they looked at.
Websites like ours will never get the order. All they can ever do is get the person clicking on us to contact us.
I know this winter my working on our branding from website, to vehicles, to business cards to give away USB sticks is so important. Now it flows from one to another.
The objective this off season was to rebrand ourselves across everything and market ourselves in the countries we see as prime targets. We have done that. An overseas trip probably needs to happen to follow up now. My hatred of long haul flying I am just going to need to get over, I know that.
If you want to talk New Zealand tours then talk to me. If you want a Guangxi China tour then you also need talk to me as Xiaoli heads there mid August with a lovely South African friend and they are off to tour the heritage sites I gather. Poor me, I miss out. No not really, been there and done that with my in laws already

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