How many windscreens have you broken?


How many windcreens a year, maybe in your life have you broken?


Last year I replaced 4 windscreens. Some say it comes with the high mileage I do and open roads as a tour guide. Now maybe I could agree, but maybe not. All 4 happened in Northland and all 50km either side of Whangarei. Isnt that interesting given most of the kilometres I drive are in fact in the South Island.


How are we looking for 2017. I know you want to know that. Well as a fortnight ago I had replaced one but broken another but not yet replaced as the break was not interfering with the driver vision or as at happened passenger vision. It was dead centre. Just as well I hadn’t replaced it because on the drive north from Auckland late last night with our guests aboard, I broke it again but this time in the passenger vision. So come Monday the vehicle is back to Smith and Smith Glass in Kaitaia for another new windscreen.


What is wrong with the roads either side of Whangarei. I really don’t know. There is road works various places but that happens anywhere. Do the cars speed more going the opposite direction as all but one break over the last 18 months has occurred from vehicles throwing up stones as they pass from the opposite direction. The other one was a ute over taking us in a passing lane with insecure load. Wood flying off. Needles to say I had to stop fast but he just kept on driving.


Please the second half of 2017, no more windscreen breaks. My insurance company has lost their smile in the voice. Damn

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