Asia – Yes I am coming your way


Business trip – Singapore, Malaysia, Southern China, Hong Kong


Its getting close to the time that I will be able to lock down a short business trip abroad to endeavour to sign up travel agents to represent us. Southern China and Singapore we know we have appointments just subject to me getting there. Still a work in progress for Malaysia and Hong Kong.


The hatred I have for long haul flying I will conquer. Just need ensure I get an aisle seat so I can easily get up and walk around the plane. Good for the blood circulation, good for the mental stamina. I like to see land and prefer to be on it. Despite the numerous times I have flown internally in New Zealand plus around the bottom half of the world, I still have this issue with flying. Yet I love getting to the other end of the journey and experiencing different cultures.


I will not contemplate a cruise away from the site of land either. Its just me, I love seeing land. Have no issue hopping on my boat, but keep that land in sight.


Today as I travel around with our guest from Beijing I came across some souvenirs perfect for me to leave as gifts to prospective business partners. Kiwi’s carved out of swamp Kauri. Just need add our own identification to complete and a perfect gift likely to sit around for a very long time where-ever I give them.


Swamp Kauri all comes from our region of New Zealand aged somewhere from 45,000 o 100,000 plus years old. And carved as a Kiwi as per photograph.  Now await for the carver to contact me Monday so we can discuss.


So mentally I have committed to travelling for business. Now to find travel consultants who may be interested in taking Peter and Xiaoli Tours on as a tour brand. We know our product is good, we believe our pricing is right, just need the sales agents to make it all happen. In the meantime bookings that come direct are filling our diaries so the 2017/18 tour season is on track. The question is, is this coming summer going to be the summer we take Peter and Xiaoli Tours to the next stage?

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