Will I win lotto tonight?


Will the All Blacks win tonight? Will I win lotto tonight?


The All Blacks winning or losing doesn’t affect my day to day life but yes my heart will be broken if the Lions manage to beat them. But some would argue its good if they did because that would make the third test a real nail biter to see who wins the series.


I read the articles. Some you wonder why journalists write them but I guess they are looking for anything that makes people read what they write.


Truth is the Lions are not bad players individually or for their respective four countries but they are asked to come together for a relatively short period and suddenly put their individual magic together on a rugby field. Maybe tonight they will. Soon we will find out.


Now lotto, that would affect my life dramatically. How would I react if I won lotto, I have no idea. Obviously I would be over the moon. Right now I would say I would continue to build Peter and Xiaoli Tours and not let it affect me. Yeah right!


Life would change. We are not poor now but far from wealthy. I have a 5 metre boat now I maintain I love. With $8 million at my disposal am I really just going to stay with my 5 metre boat which I supposedly love when my passion is fishing. I don’t think so.


You cant plan for winning $8 million because except for a very few, most of us wont even come close.


Maybe tonight is my night




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