Maybe we struck gold!

Summer tour season booking up!


All the hard work this winter doing marketing it seems maybe starting to pay off.


Today I was out driving a lovely Chinese guest around to look at New Zealand farms. The weather wasn’t that inviting but she is only here for a few days before flying home so I just made sure we all went with jackets and gumboots. Saw a lovely rainbow. A full rainbow and if you look closely at one of the photos there was a second full rainbow but very faint. We see rainbows a lot this time of year but maybe today although we didn’t find the pot of gold at the end, maybe we did strike gold in our own way. A 20 day tour booking all confirmed just subject to me saying a final yes. And even more important a second tour quote for an overseas travel agent that I had targeted through winter.


For me, I struck gold. 1 tour I need confirm if I will do and the second a potential tour for which the agent to work with me needed change the start and end date slightly but to that she agreed. With quotes, final decision is always with the client but for me my marketing aggressively through winter appears to be paying dividends.


So a good day. Our client we are currently running around is happy. I bought 50 hens for Xiaoli to add to her flock at the farm so she is happy. And I am happy as my marketing expertise maybe rusty but rewards are coming.

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