Another tour over


Another tour over


A VIP tour guest on this occasion. A wealthy lady from China here for a quick trip plus wanted business discussions as it happened with us. That we did not know before she arrived but I believe she needed check us out first. I guess we must have passed the test.


No English spoken on tour but fortunately Xiaoli was free to travel or it would have been interesting. My understanding of Mandarin is definitely on the improve but Cantonese still easier for me. I refuse to talk either as one word can have a number of meanings depending on how its said. Safer I stick with English.


The tour van needs a good clean. Metal roads aplenty yesterday and terrible weather. The sun is up this morning so I guess cleaning will be on the agenda. Just need solar power batteries on the house to charge a little more before I run the pump continuous for cleaning. The joys of living on solar power is learning to pick your time when you run things that utilise power.


50 hens added to our flock earlier this week plus another 13 Muscovy ducks. Eggs aplenty so not sure what Xiaoli is proposing to do with our multitude of eggs. Our own chooks had stopped laying as it was change of season so we went from minimal eggs to over supply. I guess knowing Xiaoli eggs will be salted ready for eating later. Still cant after many years get an enjoyment out of eating salted eggs. It must just be my kiwi palate

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