From tour driver to duck herder


From tour guide to duck herder


For the last few years amongst all the other animals we run on our farm we always had about 100 Pekin ducks. A beautiful white duck. Okay egg layer in season but a good meat eating duck. Downside for us of the Pekin ducks was being white the young seemed to be a good target for the hawks. We have decided without research that hawks must see in black and white as its always the white young hens or ducks they head for first.


Now we could shoot the hawks. They are not a native of New Zealand in our region and are very territorial. But I detest guns. I dread the risk of shooting any animal for whatever reason and only injuring it so it suffers. So for me its just better no guns here. I love animals of all kinds but yes I am a meat eater.


So we have now sold off our Pekins, well what Xiaoli did not eat over time. I guess I enjoyed a few to. Now we have started building up a flock of Muscovy’s. Up to about 50 now. A much larger duck than the Pekin which come in a variety of colours. Hopefully being larger plus mostly black the hawks will leave them alone. The hawks also not liking the adults.


We will still raise the orphaned wild ducklings which fly off once they reach maturity. Its good as spring approaches to see some of last years orphans return getting ready for breeding season. Always wonder how many got shot in shooting season but nothing we can do about that. At least we gave them a chance in life once their mothers were killed one way or another. Guessing this year we will raise about 250 orphaned wild ducklings for Bird Rescue. Not a cheap exercise but gives one a good feeling inside


A little issue with one of our male Muscovy’s. One of the other males picks on it so its decided it will be friends with the geese

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