Winter in New Zealand has struck with force


Who the heck named the far north of New Zealand the winterless north?


Today we have not received so far the gale force winds predicted but our farm is in a valley. Maybe our beach property 10 minutes away is suffering the winds though. But we have received hail both yesterday and today. And now we have sun shining and our solar power unit you can hear working its heart out recharging the battieries.


Last week we moved our fridge/freezer unit across to the beach property for guests to use and purchased a fridge only unit for the far. We already have a stand alone freezer here so hopefully the new fridge should use a lot less power. So far after 5 days and some gloomy weather the batteries have lasted the night so maybe the change in fridge units has helped.


Last night I had the gas heater on 2 bars to warm the lounge why I sat on the computer. Xiaoli disappeared to bed with one of the dogs for company to do her work as she felt under the duvet was warmer.


Right now I could not call our area the winterless north. I have no idea what the temperature is but it feels single digits.


Its good to hear the snow is falling down south. Once it lets up and roads thaw out again it will make for some beautiful tours down there. The mountains abundant in snow. The trees on the Milford road covered in snow. I love South Island winter tours if you can get great days and yet heavy snow all around. The only part I hate is having to get out in the freezing snow to fit the chains to the vehicle. That is not fun

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