A business trip 3 countries, or not?

me andLi Li

Why do people send out mixed messages?


I have spent recent months marketing Peter and Xiaoli Tours to travel consultants abroad. Mixed reactions which I totally expected. Some just no response and it could indicate contact lists I have sourced through Tourism NZ and other places are not totally up to date. Some say they will keep our details on file which I guess is great but you know probably you may never hear from them again. Then there are those that respond positively that get you excited.

So I have tuned my lists into 3 categories. No response and those I will email again but no hurry. The ones keeping our names on their books, they will receive what I term update emails just to see if maybe we can get them to the next step.

My favourites are the ones that have given an indication with a bit more prodding they may just start working with us. So for 2 months I have taken subtly different angles without being pushy. But 24 hours ago I decided well I need hop on a plane and go see them. 4 particular travel consultants, 3 countries. So I have asked for appointments.

One has responded with a need to talk to her team. Not quite what I expected given previous emails. 3 are yet to respond. There is a 5th but I know for a fact they will see me as I am already quoting their tours.

It’s the weekend now, so I guess I need wait until Monday, well Tuesday our time. Frustrating as I need lock down travel arrangements which involves more than me as my boss (Xiaoli) will be China and for 2 probable appointments that country I need her to change her itinerary so she and her South African friend Jen can meet up with me. I need a translator. My spoken Mandarin and Cantonese is as good a zilch although I can understand a bit.

Then there is Xiaoli’s family. They will come together from various areas in Guangxi so we can all have a family reunion even though apart from Xiaoli plus a niece we will not be able to understand each other. But 5 years since I have been there. An overdue visit.

So we wait now until Tuesday. Then hopefully we get appointments and make the necessary travel bookings. And I conquer my hatred of long haul flights yet again



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