China, here I come

DSC00119 (1)

China, here I come

All booked Auckland to Shanghai return late August. Still to book the various internal flight as I need go from the bottom to the top. To many meetings China so Singapore and Malaysia now relegated to another trip.

A good feeling to have bookings in place. Over 5 years since I have seen Xiaoli’s family in China so long overdue and I no I will be spoilt rotten once there. Better brush up on my Cantonese. After 5 years of not seeing them they may be in for a little shock.

Business appointments slowly coming together 3 different provinces. Shandong just added which was not on my agenda. But bonus is all fishing equipment is made that province so need allow time to source reels in particular.

Well that has committed me. No more procrastination why I talk about but don’t do. Now its just cement a few more appointments.

Get the China visa and here we come in a bit over a month



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