A beautiful winters day on the beach

Ninety Mile Beach about 60km up this morning. A beautiful winters day.

The fish we went to catch obviously also felt it was just to beautiful day to come visit us. So sadly no fish.

The spat pickers were out in numbers with their machines trying to get their quota of Mussel Spat. The spat that they collect on Ninety Mile Beach is then trucked down to Marlborough at the top of the South Island. Once it attaches itself to the ropes they are lowered into the sea at the Mussel Farm in Queen Charlotte Sounds. There they will just slowly grow until ready for harvest.

A green lipped Mussel which is famous for its healing powers. The Mussels will be sold in shops around New Zealand but a lot are grown for the export market. Shipped still alive.

Want to watch the spat boys in action for yourself then book a 4wd beach tour with Peter and Xiaoli Tours. One of only 2 licensed to do 4wd tours on Ninety Mile Beach and on up to Cape Reinga.


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