Searching the archives

Searching the archives


I was searching the archives to day for some photographs I particularly wanted for some marketing I about to do and came across the video I had done. Brings back great memories of some of the guests that have toured with me over the years.

I still look as dashing as ever and Xiaoli as beautiful as ever.

I love looking at slide videos I have put together after tours for our guests. The slides normally set to appropriate music telling a story of their tour with us.

Each year I take about 10,000 photographs. I have 3 cameras which I utilise each with its own specialty. I am a quick click person, not a get the settings right, be precise person.

I do not believe in photo shopping my photos. May sometimes crop them but that’s about as far as I go.

I enjoy people in my photos. Normally on a tour it takes a couple of days before people stop posing when they see me with camera in hand. I like to capture people just as they are. So my slide videos I put together last night of each tour tell the story of them on tour mixed with scenery shots.

All my photographs on completion of a tour I donate to my guests on our own specially printed USB sticks.

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