States of Emergency being declared a number of areas South Island New Zealand

The poor South Island – being badly battered by severe storms


You got to feel for those the hardest hit in the South Island of New Zealand. A number of disaster areas now announced as the rain just keeps coming.

I cant remember when my original home town of Dunedin has ever had a declared a state of emergency. And joined by Christchurch and a number of towns. Rain easing but still not stopping. Snowing to reasonably low heights. It is bad.

Middle of school holidays so you need feel for the Children. On one hand they could find it an exciting adventure but it is far from that. It is very serious and going to take a very long time to recover from.

The tourist areas will be devastated. Loving the snow but no one can travel with roads blocked around the South Island everything has come to a halt.

China summer holidays so those poor tourists who headed here in their time off.

The very far north where we are. As they refer it the winterless north. Not sure what the temperature is but guessing about 10 degrees. We to have had our share of the rain but no where to the extent New Zealand’s South Island has been hit.

So yes a little saturated. Where we go and do a lot of our own fishing at the bluff up Ninety Mile Beach. 7 metre swells predicted today. That is fierce. We normally wont fish there if much over 1.7 metre swells just to put it in perspective.

When this atrocious weather abates the Mussel Spat pickers will once again out there in their special tractors harvesting the weed floating the water which the spat clings. Eventually that spat heading to the South Island to grow into mature Mussels.

My recommendation today. Stay home, wrap up and read a book. Or cuddle that special person in your life.



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