An East Cape famil


East Cape and Gisborne – We are ready to head your way


The 28th sees us depart Auckland for a 5 day famil East Cape and Gisborne areas. 8 ProGuides (professional guides of NZ) in total.

Over 10 years since I have visited that area and if I really try to pinpoint a date, probably nearer to 15 years and probably on a Variety Club charity event.

No time this trip for a spot of fishing so no use putting the boat behind. That will have to wait.

Our suggestion to ProGuides for this famil trip and its great to see other guides also rate it as a famil worth doing.

First day we head to Hicks Bay. Only brief stops on route as we travel back a certain amount of the route as far as Opotiki so time to look better on the return.

As I said many years since I have been around East Cape so I am sure I will see significant changes. I gather Kirsten who helped plan the famil for me has many things identified that we must see. I do remember seeing in the agenda she has a very early wakeup call for us at Hicks Bay so we can see the sun rise at East Cape. Better hope its good weather Jirsten or it will be like when I got up to see in the millennium, overcast and rain so no sun. On that occasion where I was at Bowentown, Waipu another camper ad drawn a sun so we could all photograph it slowly being raised. Haha

From Hicks Bay we have a leisurely drive down to Gisborne with a number of planned stops. 2 nights in Gisborne seeing different activity providers there each have been given an opportunity to brief us on what they do.

After Gisborne we head back to Opotiki for the final night. Try spend more time looking at things we did not take time to do on the way down.

So if you live in the region and see the ‘Peter and Xiaoli Tours’ van then you know it’s a group of professional guides looking to learn more about your area. Hopefully with new found knowledge, help grow tourist numbers to the region


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