Presentation document almost complete


Two days of report writing


Two days dedicated to preparing what I hope is the final draft of a presentation documents for travel consultants in China. A long time I have had to write a full report. On this occasion a good summary of who Peter and Xiaoli Tours are. Our company. Our growing number of staff. And most importantly our tour agendas.

Now walk away from it a day or so then look at it again. Check on see whether the document is saying what we really need say. If I am still happy then get it translated to Chinese script. And on completion make sure the script has not changed the layout to much page by page.

All completed then we print copies sufficient for the trip plus load to USB flash drive.

Next stage is to go over pricing so wholesale costs we offer are accurate and allow us plus the consultants okay margin.

Spent time today visiting several kauri carvers. Carving from the swamp kauri 35,000 plus years old. Trying to decide on an appropriate corporate gift for each appointment. The kauri as a product is ideal as it comes from our own region. But now we need give the carvers a brief as to what to carve for us. Having now had initial discussions, the thinking cap needs go on. Carving to our brief means whatever we do is unique to us.

Tomorrow a trip to Whangarei to do a little more research. Clear the head for a day. Weather forecast is not good so a good day to go window shop

China travel now all booked to and from plus external. One day my request we take the high speed train Nanning to Guangzhou. An experience I have not had before and its only 4 hours. Accommodation booked. Just stopover in Shanghai need think how to kill 8 hours in transit on way over and a half day on way back


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