A tour of the East Cape of New Zealand

An interesting day on the road

Written 3.22pm

A familiarisation tour with 6 fellow professional tour guides. A mix of nationalities and some interesting stories being told. My first time since joining ProGuides (Professional Guide Association of New Zealand) one or two years ago that I have found time to meet properly some of my fellow guides. And on this occasion we get 5 days together to discover the East Cape of New Zealand and the Gisborne area.

An early start from Auckland. First pick up point close to the ferry terminal bottom of Auckland City, then on to the airport for the next couple then on last pickup Pukekohe. Interestingly I turned the GPS on before I left the city and it took us west and through the tunnel recently opened and on out to the airport.  Had I taken my normal route which would have been shorter distance but according to the GPS given it was rush hour, it could have been 30 minutes longer. A guide is always learning.

First stop today was Matamata for a coffee and a late breakfast. Then on to Opotiki. A visit to the local museum privately owned and funded by the local community. The local Anglican Church with a gruesome history where some of the Maori’s 100+ years ago supposedly murdered the German preached. Ate him or parts of him. Not nice.

A bite to eat at a local café. Weather is fine but not very warm so nice to be inside. Thankfully I have dressed expecting colder temperatures. The second long black coffee of the day. Probably enough coffees today but somehow I expect I will be encouraged to have another yet this afternoon. Haha

6.32pm. Arrived our motel at Hicks Bay. Temperature is not what I term warm. Certainly low single digits. Strong wind coming straight off the water.

Opotiki to Hicks Bay leg the last 3 hours. A few photography stops. One particular century plus old Anglican Church. Apparently very highly photographs by tourists passing. It was beautiful, I guess. Certainly made for some very beautiful photography this afternoon as you will see in the photographs.

It really is a pity the international tourists rarely reach this area. It is remote so no traffic. People are so laid back. If I didn’t come from the very far north some I would struggle to relate. But I love it. Just a pity the boat is not behind plus have the time to go fishing. Bring a mate that can dive to get us crayfish. Yum




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