Smash Palace Gisborne – A photo story


If ever in Gisborne on New Zealand’s east coast of the North Island, then I recommend Smash Palace is well worth a visit. Have a drink or two. Not sure I would recommend the food unless you enjoy it as part of the experience. It would be better with a group.

Enjoy the photo’s. If its you then one day do visit. Book a tour with Peter and Xiaoli Tours. We do tours from 5 to 25 days. Sometimes shorter in our home region but 80% of what we do falls within the area I listed.

We are a boutique tour company specialising in small numbers up to 11. All our tours are individually planned to the wish list we ask clients to supply.

Want a tour within New Zealand then talk to us. Want a tour in China then talk to us. As our name suggests Peter is very much a Kiwi, Xiaoli Chinese heritage. Peter fluent English unless he hashad a glass or wine or two. At leasts my friends tell me that. Haha. Xiaoli fluent 5 Chinese languages plus English

Enjoy our Smash Palace photographs taken tonight by yours truly. Every photograph we ever display on our blogs is personally taken. So enjoy our Smash Palace experience

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