Our view – nothing but amazing

How beautiful is that view


I am sitting here at our beach property waiting on people to collect some furniture I advertised as free to anyone requiring said items. Hopefully the furniture is going to a genuine home and not someone who is going to try to on sell.

But look at the photograph taken out the front window of our beach front accommodation. The beautiful Ninety Mile Beach almost calm. Just a very thin layer of cloud cover. I have no idea what the temperature is but given I have stripped the sweatshirt off, it is pleasantly warm.

I have recovered from my 6 day trip around the East Cape on the North Island of New Zealand. Some of my blogs were up there against my best ever blog for readers of about 2500 readers. I am either getting better or just maybe more and more people are becoming aware I write regular blogs.

Now the East Cape is complete I have finished writing my 39 page document I will use in presentations in China. I have had it translated into Chinese. Juggling photographs around after that was a mission to make sure I didn’t change the translation done. My brother in law back in China is now proof reading for me. Handy having a Chinese brother in law who is a Deputy Principal, so therefore the perfect proof reader.

I have added a 6 day tour to the report. Unique to us I hope. Certainly not a route the main players promote. Auckland down to Whakatane. A boat trip to White Island. Then on around the East Cape and Gisborne area. Down to Wairoa and back across to Rotorua via Lake Waikaremoana.

I believe once we take a few tour groups that route then word of mouth should help it take off.

Next to be added is a fishing tour which East Cape could be a component of.

I look forward to the business challenge in China. My first serious attempt at getting business out of China. 60% of our tours are Chinese but through word of mouth. This will be our first real attempt to gain travel consultant business. Other times we tried we could not get past 2 emails. This time meetings secured. Next is to win business.

In fairness in earlier years we did not have the credentials to put up to get us past the first contact stage.

Tomorrow this weather keeps up, its very tempting to take the boat out.



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