40 page report in Chinese complete! Yeah


Time for the next project


40 page document for presentations in China is completed. Been translated so just hope the translation replicates my English version or it could be embarrassing. A company profile for ‘Peter and Xiaoli Tours’ but also listing our key tours.

6 day tour now planned and loaded to the website incorporating much of the route I did last week but with the addition of a boat trip plus hike to the White Island volcano. Plus several nights Rotorua. It will be an amazing tour for my tour parties and affordable. Expect to take record numbers of photographs.

If you have not seen a live volcano up close then this is your chance. For me some of it reminds me of Rotorua but with a much stronger sulphur smell for which you have masks you can put on. But what got me and I thought frightening to a degree was the roar coming up through the vent holes. But so glad I have experienced it and I guess I will with even more tour guests.

The East Cape is amazing with its many bays and beaches. Then there is the Maori heritage factor. The beautiful  interior of the Maori church at Tiki Tiki.

Gisborne, much to see. Start on the drive into Gisborne, tide permitting the walking out on to the reef and feeding the stingray. Magic. And you must remember this whole area is steeped in heritage with the landing of Captain Cook back in the 1600’s.  The first European to step foot on New Zealand soil and meet the local Maori. What that must have been for both races on the day.

From Gisborne we head down to Wairoa and the over the awe inspiring very scenic Lake Waikaremoana road. Many bush walks that can be done. An area you just have to see to believe. The road is not the best but I have travelled many a time.

Then 2 nights Rotorua. Visit Te Puia thermal park. Geysers, boiling mud pools. A visit to Agrodome for the farm show. Leisure time when if you wish you can go soak in the world famous Polynesian mineral pools. Or go souvenir shopping, maybe

The last day a visit to Waitomo Caves before returning Auckland. What a tour and its affordable.

Today with the business trip to China getting closer it was time to check costings for all tours we do. We will not compete with a packaged bus tour but then we do a lot more than bus tours do. We stop often for photography on route. Or maybe just to walk on a particular beach. We never rush unless we have a deadline to meet such as a cruise boat.

Our costs are very competitive like with like. If interesting in touring New Zealand talk to us. Our specialty is small groups 11 or less but we are licensed to drive everything.

Tomorrow I would love to go do a bit of fishing but the weather forecast is not favourable. But it is winter I guess.






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