Our 4 dogs


Our beautiful 4 dogs. All loved equally. But all very different.

Dou Dou. Our one and only boy, neutered because we do not want to breed any. Dou Dou in Chinese meaning green been. Ok. Not my choice of names, he came with it.

Dou is our guard dog. He hears every noise. Sometimes barks a little to often. Is hyper to say the least so banned from sleeping in the bedroom. Lucky to last 10 minutes anywhere without being on the move again. Take him out in the car and he must sit front seat. Whoever sits passenger seats has no choice, Dou Dou will go there. And he rarely sleeps in the car. Must watch everything out the window.


Xiao Xiao, the first of the 4 to come live with us. Guess she must be 9 now. Definitely Xiaoli’s dog although if Xiaoli not interested in her company, rapidly sitting by me. Xiao means small. She is small, but also rotund. Needs regular exercise or becomes fat. But she is a wider build in the rib cage anyway. Would sleep all day if you give her the opportunity. Sleeps on our bed. Cold nights gets under the blankets between Xiaoli and I. No please may I come under, barges her way in. Snores badly.

Tara. I guess about 10. She would be our noisiest expect prior us she was debarked. She is te second ring leader with Dou Dou for barking at anything going on out side. And no, Tara is not a Chinese name.

If there is thunder then Tara will jump anything just to be with us. Hates with a vengeance, thunder. A beautiful soft personality. Nicknamed by me, feet. She comes up to you then its her feet that come up. Don’t pat her the foot will grab the hand or arm to pull it over to her. A character. Like Xiao Xiao, happy to sleep all day. In the lounge. She never been interested in sleeping on our bed.


Then there is Li Li. I am hers. That’s right, I am hers, she is not mine. She claimed me and is very possessive of me. She wont let the others come close at times. The same goes for Xiaoli. If you hear ‘grrr’ then you know Li Li says get away. Her name in Chinese means beautiful. She is the smallest of 4 but the most courageous. Nothing really scares her. Unfortunately she is the one we cannot trust if we have young ducklings or chickens around. She would kill them given half a chance. Hence a photo in the trolley. They all know they ride in that past the chook and duck area. Where does Li Li sleep. By my shoulder under the blanket. Will not move from there or get up until I do.


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