How the tables got reversed

A young friend of mine showed me up!

I make simple videos in Picasa using still photographs set to music. Now its no secret, I am not very technically orientated. I can push buttons but I am a self taught person and the old memory bank up top in my head is becoming full. And you know what a computer is like when it gets full, it slows down.

With a computer you can just delete files to create more memory. The human brain doesn’t work like that unfortunately. It just keeps storing more and more. And the older we get the harder it gets to process things. By that I mean learn new things.

Technology I try hard to learn. I think I do a pretty good job with conquering what I have. But along comes my friend Yi today, and says, Peter send me those photos you put in the video you made yesterday. So I did. 30 minutes later on her cell phone she produced this lovely video. Its not perfect but from my perspective, it took her 30 minutes just to show me how much better it could be.

I am not sure where Yi is now. Either Beijing or Washington as she has met an American man she has been travelling different countries with. But not sure she has permanent residence in the States sorted.

Yi I met 2013 when she toured New Zealand with a group of 8 from Liuzhou in Guangxi China. She was young and naïve then. Still being sent to university by her doting mum to keep learning. 4 years later I believe she may have escaped mums clutches and seems to have matured. Or maybe it was my mentoring as ever since that meeting we have kept in touch and she keeps turning to me for advice. Well now its her teaching the teacher. Roles have been reversed.

I still don’t understand how she converted my pics into that video so quickly. Yes it needs an edit which I don’t want to hurt her feelings by asking her to do. But its also great just the way it is.

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