Not enough time in the day

What happened to feet up rest time

The boss, Xiaoli has gone off to China for a month touring with a friend plus visiting family. Me, well I was meant to have time out. She said rest. Go fishing. Yeah right!!!!

She left 3 loads of clothes washing yet just a day prior I had the washing up to date.

She said the 5 beds in our beach accommodation would be made and all units cleaned just in case I had customers. Yeah right!!! None are made. Bugger.

Poor me. If the phone goes I have 5 beds to make. Clean thoroughly. August normally quiet and weather forecast lousy so maybe I get off lucky.

Hens and ducks in multiple numbers going clucky so I need arrange nests they can sit on their eggs undisturbed.

Her birds in the aviary all need breeding boxes plus pheasants straw as yes they to believe it’s the season to mate.

And then blow me down another travel consultant in China decides they want to talk to us.  Could I please plan in the interim some tour routes as a discussion point. 24 hours later that’s completed. The map software played up so needed to install a better software package or don’t supply maps.

The 4 dogs without Xiaoli here all believe they should sit on me at the same time. They may be small but my legs are not that big. And added to it all 4 want to sleep on the bed.

When does this man get peace and quiet?

My visa for China completed and being couriered back. Still got some more small gifts for family to sort out but its 5 years since I have seen them and my mind is blank.

The 26th I am away on the big bird heading for Shanghai. An 8 hour stop over. Lucky me. Then off to Nanning. 36 hours family time and rest then 4 days full on business different areas. Then hop on that big bird and come home.

By then chickens and ducklings will be due to hatch. The geese I have no idea if they are building their nests yet. I just don’t think I want to know as a further week or so on my own fending for the menagerie.


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