Why the boss plays the slave works


My boss has taken a month off

My boss, my wife Xiaoli, has taken a month to go travelling with a very good friend, her ex English teacher here, travelling in China. I call it an old China trip. Visiting things/places hundreds if not thousands of years old.

Now me, well yesterday I had to make 5 beds in two of our units yesterday and clean them ready for guests last night. Today I took the 5 guests on a full day tour up Ninety Mile Beach. Now add to that our animals I need look after

  1. 4 small pomaranian dogs who yes, I dote on. One even came on tour with me today
  2. 5 geese. Now they didn’t come home last night. Didn’t let my boss over in China know or I might get slaughtered even if we are oceans apart. She loves her geese. Fortunately tonight they have reappeared. My life is saved.
  3. About 50 hens, plus numerous roosters. In Xiaoli’s absence I am training them to be locked up at night when they get their evening feed. Some fly over the top again but most stay put. Leave them shut up to 11am and I am hoping most will lay their eggs in the coup and nest boxes. Not making me go on an egg hunt as Xiaoli does each day. One has gone clucky so I found her a private secure little area and gave her 18 eggs to sit on. So in 21 days time I hopefully have 18 chickens to add to our livestock.
  4. About 60 Muscovy ducks. Some should be laying eggs now but its difficult to keep them penned up. But suspect by the time Xiaoli arrives back I will have some mother ducks wander out with their ducklings from where ever they may have built their nests.
  5. 5 Guinea Foul. I believe they have started laying eggs as normally they stay together as a group. I know they have a reputation for hiding eggs, so like the ducks I think by the time Xiaoli arrives back numbers will have increased
  6. I know we now have about 150 pigeons and I watch the area they are in and see many sitting. Numbers are going to double
  7. The Golden Pheasants are on my list to do tomorrow of giving them nesting material. And the same goes for the budgies, cockatiels and doves


Add to that our guests exit the units tomorrow so 5 beds to strip. Wash sheets etc. Several were smokers so that means duvet covers, you name it, needs be cleaned. We ask guests not to smoke inside but regardless the smell of a smoker clings to everything.

And yes Saturday next week I fly to China. 36 hours with family who are all gathering for a family reunion to mark Xiaoli and I being there, then 4 days of business meetings various province.

And yes today Xiaoli and her friend send me these beautiful photographs on them on holiday. When do I get one I wonder?



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