The boss, Jen and the rice terraces


The boss and friend Jen visited the rice terraces today outside Guilin. I should remember the name as I spent a day there a few years ago. But either I am growing old or its just getting late and memory is rusty.
Its great they are bot enjoying their well deserved holidays. Next Sunday I will be over there, but Nanning, not Guilin. Not sure I look forward to first an almost 5 hour drive to the airport. The waiting time from check in to boarding, then the 12.5 hour flight to Shanghai. An 8 hour stopover there and then then the internal flight duration unknown to Nanning. Going to be a very long day as the saying goes.
In the meantime today 2 units beds stripped and washing done. Tomorrow a day off from doing duties over at the beach accommodation, but Tuesday 6 guests arriving. So remake beds, clean the units etc etc.
Tomorrow, the day off from the beach so clean the poultry sheds. Collect the manure so can spread over the gardens at the farm and beach. Hopefully get the first planting of spring vegetables done.
Hens seem to have a holiday from laying today, or at least most of them. Possibly something to do with the difference in food routine I have versus the boss. She had briefed me but I decided I know better. Hopefully tomorrow they will all remember to lay again.
Back to the boss and Jen at the rice terraces today. These go back hundreds of years. I am sorry, I need refresh my history. But if ever visiting Guangxi Province an absolute must on the to do list.
The woman and their long hair is also to do with history. Must refresh the reasons why they have it like that.
Part of the reason Xiaoli does this whole trip this year with Jen as guinea pig is to collect more photographs so we can look at doing a tour to China for Kiwi’s. I just wish she had listened to me about how to take good photographs. Fortunately from past trips I do have many of the Guangxi region but when the two of them go further afield then they are in foriegn territory for me. I guess when I catch up with her Nanning next week I need spend a little of each of the 6 days training them on photography. As if I already didnt have a full agenda

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