Sunsets – Love them


Sunsets – Don’t you love them

Tonight because my boss (Xiaoli – the wife) is away in China I have time to dwell on thoughts. Nothing in particular.

I had finished feeding the very numerous numbers of chooks and geese and wandering back to the house I couldn’t help but notice the very beautiful sunset.

Here in the far north of New Zealand we are spoilt with the fabulous sunsets we get to experience. This one was from our farm but from our beach accommodation overlooking Ninety Mile Beach they are even more startling as you watch the sun set over the ocean.

I never tire of them. Don’t often photograph them now as I have literally hundreds of sunset photographs but not 2 are ever the same. Just magnificent.

Saturday evening I fly off to China for a week. Mostly business but a family reunion with all Xiaoli’s family. They haven’t seen me for 5 years and Xiaoli 3 years.

Last time I went to China I weighed 120kg and had hair halfway down my back. You read right. When I retired from advertising agencies aged 54 I vowed to grow my hair long again. When I was about 24 I was offered an extremely senior position in an agency that was later to become Saatchi and Saatchi. Our Managing Director of the time put one condition on the offer, the hair must go short and I need wear suits. 3 piece suits would you believe.

I vowed that day that yes I would accept the job and the conditions that went with it but the day I got out of advertising I would grow the hair long once again. And I did. Halfway down my back plus for a while, a beard as well. Yes back to hippy days because I guess nobody could tell me not to. I didn’t enjoy the beard so that went but not the long hair.

So now my in laws will see me at about 85kg weight and extremely short hair. 2 major unexpected stomach operations. The later almost claiming my life. The hair when sick was falling out in clumps, and no, I did not have chemo. So told Xiaoli, shave it all off and every 3 weeks since I continue to shave it. If I cant have it long then better very short.

The weight loss, a very rare side effect of what they did but healthy I am except for ongoing side effects that may never go away.

So Xiaoli’s family by now possibly know the hair is short but not sure they know the 35kg weight loss.

So tonight I photographed the sunset because I guess I was reliving memories of the past and thinking about China. Xiaoli married me about 9 years ago, very overweight and yes the long hair. And I always remember the initial period when she would just watch in amazement at the sunsetting from our lounge window overlooking the Tasman Sea.

I have not yet witnessed a sunset in China. Guessing they are not often seen


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