China tomorrow, fishing today

China tomorrow, but first a little fishing today

A drive 60km up Ninety Mile Beach, far north New Zealand. Its winter but somewhere out there in the Tasman Sea are the elusive Snapper. Unfortunately they remain elusive with just 6 caught.  But enough for a feed for the 3 of us.

Unfortunately a few sharks decided they wanted to come see who is on the other end of the line. Broke a number of hooks off and the few we did pull in were promptly sent on their way back to sea. I detest people that haul in sharks and leave them on the beach. If you don’t want to fillet and eat them, then gently take them off the hook and let them go back to sea. They are just part of the ecological chain.

Tomorrow the long drive to Auckland then board the plane to Shanghai. A long flight but I requested the exit row seat with more leg room. An 8 hour stopover in Shanghai (Pudong Airport) but I am sure time will just fly. Excuse the pun. Then the internal leg to Nanning where I hope my brother in law will be waiting. Maybe even my boss, Xiaoli. She has been over there a week and a half now. The farm seems empty/quiet without her. The dogs I know all sense it’s a little different.

So early night tonight. By the time I come back in 8 days the Snapper should be coming closer to shore as the waters warm. That’s the theory anyway

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