China – No google, no facebook! Sad

WeChat Image_20170901021047

About 9 days of no blogs

Blame China Government. No google and no facebook. I could get a few blog sights but decided as I hadn’t loaded VPN to get around the block, blog could wait until I get home. So blogs I post this week are one week late being posted.

Landed back in New Zealand from Shanghai 5.40am this morning. Delivered some items I was bringing back from China for a few Chinese friends then did the long drive home. Arriving I guess somewhere after 1pm.

Am I exhausted you ask? Absolutely out on my feet. A friend wanted me to have a sleep Auckland then have lunch with her before I did the drive home. I opted to make the drive home while I still felt I could handle the 4.5 hours.

Xiaoli’s son had been babysitting the farm in my absence so we met halfway for a catch up as he headed south back to Auckland and I headed home. He bought my beautiful little dog Li Li with him as a surprise for me. That wagging tail was a delight to see.

I love China but just 6 nights and days is not enough when you need travel 3 different provinces for meetings. Family were very happy to see Xiaoli and I arrive. Xiaoli having gotten to China a week and a half before me but waited for the family catch up until I arrived. There were big smiles all round. Really quite emotional for all of us. I guess 3 years since they had seen Xiaoli and 5 years since I was there.

My brother in law exchanged gifts with me but his far out shone mine although so I felt. But his delight at the offcuts of greenstone blew him away as he wasn’t expecting that and has recently started jewellery making. Thanks to my cousin Anne in Hokitika helping obtain the greenstone off cuts for me.

I know you are wondering what he gave me. A drone with 12 megapixel camera. That blew me away. Xiaoli had told me some time ago she didn’t want me to have one but as her brother and I often talk on wechat he knew my wish but I had not expected that from him. It still sits packaged up. Need catch up on sleep and be properly awake so I can absorb the instructions on how to fly and how to make the camera work.

Was the trip a success. 100%. A happy family who only saw us for 36 hours. But then some very good meetings. One in particular. Xiaoli had to do the presentation where there was minimal English spoken but I did those with a good grasp of English. One particular meeting looking very likely we should gain business assuming I do the costings right. Those I need supply later this week.

I had prepared and had translated a 40 page document. With the help of a facebook friend in Nanning, China, I found a competent printer. He tidied up my art and printed as bound books for us. They looked extremely professional. All my hard work over recent months in preparation then seeing the end product, I was astounded. And being finished in China dramatically reduced the costs.

An early night tonight. Have a full on week. A week only able to read emails on the cell as that could access google. So that was frustrating. For some reason several videos have dropped off, or link has gone corrupt on our website. A mystery but I need resolve that. Was working well when I went away.

I will not do another trip like that again. To tiring. Need longer spell China and less internal travel.



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