China – My 8 day trip


My 6 days China last week.

Was there a highlight? Yes but not just one.

Xiaoli’s family grinning ear to ear when they saw me. 5 years since my last visit. It used to be a 2 yearly trip but health dragged the time out since last visit. I have promised it wont be 5 years again but we will get back to 2 yearly visits.

Business success. Better than I could have hoped for. At least one travel consultant looking like marketing our tours. I had just been happy if it was just a meet and greet but we got further. Very pleasing but then we did present ourselves very well with the book we gave detailing us and tours.

I know another trip will be required before some we presented to will start looking at giving us business. Its just the Chinese way of getting to know you first. I was impressed with the indepth knowledge of our country some had.

The ‘old China’ as I refer it. The temples, the old streets and houses. I was blown away in particular, Suzhou, 2 hours from Shanghai. My wish list every visit is to see ‘old China’. I was not disappointed.

So not just one highlight but many. But then it was just a 6 day trip with a lot crammed into it.

I took many photos. I do wish in hindsight I had taken my big camera instead of the 2 smaller ones I packed. But I never expected to see what I did with the help of family and friends. But I still have some great photographs and some areas like Suzhou I will visit again. Just at a slower pace so its not a rush rush trip. I highly recommend Suzhou if like me you are into the temples etc. A lot of heritage in that area. Great food to.

It is no secret I am intrigued with Buddhism. The more I learn the more I feel I have to learn of Buddhism. It fascinates me. The vegetarian food part I cant get into although they do make some rather delicious vegetarian dishes. But I own up to being a carnivore who craves meat.

We saw temples dating well back into history. My eyes were just popping open with every new thing I saw. And to think all this goes back over a thousand years.

It was good to see a lot of restoration work going on and hear that China is now protecting its past. No longer allowing the destroying of this magnificent heritage they have.

Enjoy my photos. Ignore the brown water you see in some. It is the rainy season there with typhoons so the water colour just reflects the ongoing floods in different regions they have been having. The photos I really wanted to share I cannot find. May still be on the camera

Tomorrow is a day out on the boat with my mate fishing. Doubtless Bay area is on the agenda.




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