China – My lost photographs


My wow factor in my 6 day China trip

I thought I had mislaid these photographs when I wrote my last blog. I spent the next half day worrying as to whether I had deleted them by accident. I went to be stressing over them as this temple was my wow factor for the sightseeing part of last weeks trip to China.

My last blog I stated Suzhou about 2 hours out of Shanghai got to me in a very beautiful way. The fourth trip for me to China and each time something gives me that real buzz factor. The Hanshan Temple and complex in Suzhou blew me away. Other parts of Suzhou were not far behind either. I so wish this trip had been longer with more time for sightseeing. Instead each stop was done on a restricted time basis as we tried see as much as possible.

Suzhou is a must for me to visit again. But next time more than just over a day like I had this time. I believe given what I saw very fast then next time I need allocate 3 to 4 days minimum in and around Suzhou.

The temples, yes more than one, were beautiful that we visited. Walking around the lake at night, albeit we only did a small part, was stunning. That lake could be a day in itself. The old China areas as I call them were stunning yet for us just quick walks through.

Its funny, but the past trips I avoided flying into Shanghai. Very nearly didn’t do it this trip. So very glad I did.

My next plan, establish a China tour for Kiwi’s and others hosted by myself and Xiaoli. So you have the best of both. A kiwi host with Chinese hostess that can talk the lingo that ensures we get to see the best things. I believe we can do it at a more favourable rate than most tours I see advertised and often avoid the typical tourist routes. Through having Chinese family I have seen parts of China and its treasures that most westerners wouldn’t even know existed.

Not sure when my next trip to China is. Gut feel says within the year for business reasons but if it is then I will find more time to visit other provinces I have not yet seen and there are a lot.  I am jealous of Xiaoli and her friend Jen, they are still in China. Today if memory is right they are off to Weihai. That is business orientated but after that Chongqing which partially is also business with a meeting I arranged for Xiaoli to do in my absence, but 2 days exploring. And I know for a fact there is a very special temple in that region.

I love China but I also do love being home in New Zealand

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