Still a work in progress

A steady work in progress!

I have just completed a trip to China I judged as being successful albeit we are yet to see business from it. That may yet take another trip over there as Chinese in business are quite different to our kiwi culture and business does not happen overnight. I knew that when deciding to target the Chinese to help with growth in our tourism business. I always maintained it was a three stage process. Plus add to that we are a small family company and do not do packaged tours.

  • Stage one establish contact and a form of relationship that will enable us to get the appointment.
  • Stage two travel over there for the appointments made
  • Stage three follow those appointments up. Answer questions/queries made then consider yet another trip.

This week I have spent following up with yet more work to be done. A couple of meetings to do here in New Zealand that form part of the answers asked for. A slow but steady work in progress.

Xiaoli had 2 more meetings in China after I departed. The first a meeting of her doing that I am hesitant about saying it is the type of business we want. I know she will have success as the company concerned has already travelled to New Zealand to meet us. Documents have been signed. Memorandums of understanding between our companies. One document not my doing but in Chinese prepared by Xiaoli. I guess part of our business is going to take a change in direction. Change may not be the word. Our business may grow another wing.

One more meeting after that to complete for Xiaoli. A travel consultant. A meeting I arranged and we are already well advanced with. My comfort zone. Tourism.  A meeting I could not stay for due to work pressures and farm commitments back in New Zealand.

Today is Saturday. I am going to take a few hours off. My present from China, a drone. And I need learn fly it so I can take aerial photographs over some of our beautiful countryside.

New Zealand has once again been judged second most peaceful country in the world with only Iceland beating us. And given our much larger land base than Iceland that is a significant achievement. But a regular feat year after year. A reason if you have not been to New Zealand, then you need come.

Whenever I travel abroad, I am so happy to be home. In coming months I have two long 20 days tours booked out of England. My specialty, sightseeing/photography tours. I love showing people New Zealand. These tours start Auckland and end in Christchurch. They will see a diverse landscape changing daily as we head south as far as Milford Sound before heading north to finish in Christchurch.

I love the summer tour season. I miss out on my fishing but who could complain when you are driving New Zealand, the second most peaceful country in the world. And probably the most beautiful


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